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INTERVJU, MUZIKA Trevor Bonnick (Inner Circle): Love is the foundation of everything

Trevor Bonnick (Inner Circle): Love is the foundation of everything

One of the greatest reggae bands in the world, Inner Circle, has performed for the first time at the Nišville Jazz festival. The band, which is celebrating 50 years of their music, has won many awards so far including Grammy award for the best reggae album. The audience in Niš loved their music and the people were dancing and singing during the whole performance. After the concert, we had a great conversation with Trevor “Skatta” Bonnick who is the lead vocal of The Inner Circle.

What do you think about the Nišville Jazz festival and the audience tonight?

Trevor Bonnick: I love the vibe and I like that the organizers had included reggae. There is so much of great music that is being played during the festival and we are the part of it and we appreciate it.

There is some kind of unwritten rule that the people who are living in the south part of the Serbia are more open and energetic. Have you felt that?

Trevor Bonnick: I felt that! The people here were into the music and we can see that the people are loving reggae.

Your band is being a part of the world’s music for such a long time. Congratulations for that! Have you celebrated the anniversary?

Trevor Bonnick: Fifty years we are celebrating! Did we sound like we are some old guys? (Laughing)

Of course not! (Laughing) I was about to say that you are getting younger and younger. Since you have a young audience, you can feel younger than.

Trevor Bonnick: Yes. Well, we have to change from time to time, because of the new generation and the music that’s involved in. So we have to change every time the music changes and we have to change our music. We are keeping the same roots and the foundation, but we have to change for the youths that are coming up. The people are there to bring the music to the people, so it’s good to be here.

Trevor Skatta Bonnick Inner Circle intervju interview Foto Nenad Petrovic
Trevor “Skatta” Bonnick with our journalist Dejan Marinković Photo: Nenad Petrović

Are you maintaining a connection with some of the new bands? What is the future of reggae?

Trevor Bonnick: Yes! And the future is good! There are a lot of new bands that are really doing well. So, reggae is in good hands. This music is a social commentator, it tells us what is going on in the world. So, people can talk about anything – relationships, politics, religion or whatever is a choice of a musician.

What is the most important subject in your music that has influenced the people about something really important in the world?

Trevor Bonnick: Well, we are making the music which brings all of the people, everybody together, to be appreciated, to be respected. It doesn’t matter where you come from, just respect each other, take care for each other and spread love! It’s all about that, to spread love and unity, because we are here to live in one harmony. There is only one race, human race. Nothing should keep us from being each other’s keeper. We should enjoy each other and this beautiful world.

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